Case Study

Soirée de Comédie

An opportunity to effectively manage and engage popular artistes across west Africa

  • The project was largely driven by MTN Cameroon, the leading telecom service provider who was the official sponsor of the “Soiree de Comedie”.
  • Partners included major media stakeholders with high reach to target audience - Canal 2, Acmar Media, Equinox, STV and Planet Hotel.
  • Soirée de Comédie
  • Soirée de Comédie
  • Soirée de Comédie
  • Soirée de Comédie
  • Soirée de Comédie
  • Corporate event management – Tease through a synchronized activity on radio, TV and print media channels to drive talk-ability and footfall to launch
  • Media relations - Amplify pre-event, event and post launch activation
  • Brooks+Blake managed creative development and execution of media campaign.
  • Entire event RSVP management
  • Artiste management including travel, stage management and media appearance.
  • Successful external stakeholders and event management of 180 people
  • Unique event content generation and execution.
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