Case Study

Fly with the Eagles & Jersey Unveil -

A series of consumer engagement platforms to rally support of millions of Nigerian fans for the Eagles.

  • The Guinness Fly with The Eagles’ campaign was aimed at rewarding loyal consumers while galvanizing fans’ support for the Nigerian football team, The Super Eagles as they prepare for the Cup of African Nations tournament in South Africa in 2013
  • In showing unwavering support, the Agency proposed a creation of the largest Super Eagles jersey which measures at a record 249.9 ft by 275.58 ft, this makes it a clear win over the last one which measured 234ft 1 in by 259ft 8in. created and displayed in Sukru San Istanbul Turkey in 2009.
  • Guinness Super Eagles
  • Guinness Super Eagles
  • Guinness Super Eagles
  • Guinness Super Eagles
  • Guinness Super Eagles
  • Generate awareness for the Guinness Fly with the Eagles campaign, organise a seamless launch event.
  • Provide opportunities for consumers’ close association to the brand by participating in the promo.
  • Demonstrate tangibly that Guinness is a trusted brand and is always at the forefront of sports sponsorship.
  • The campaign kicked off with a media launch that was seamless and hitch-free and amplified in a way that created a ‘reason to participate’ to all existing and prospective consumers of Guinness.
  • The event was well attended by Ex- Internationals, Nigeria Footballers Club, Nigeria Supporters Club, independent sports journalists, the media and notable personalities who have contributed to the growth of sports in Nigeria.
  • The never-before-seen giant Jersey was a platform that engaged consumers and football fans alike, giving them the opportunity to be a part of history whilst providing them the true fulfillment of a “once-in-a-lifetime” consumer opportunity.
  • Guinness's support of the Eagles all the way to victory caused a spike and saw coverage soar immensely.
  • The visit to the Governor of Lagos state laid credence to the authenticity of Guinness' claim as the only true supporter of the National Team.
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