Businesses require services that stand out and deliver qualitative and measurable results. We support this mantra by a robust and functional framework that enables us deliver consistently with shared passion. Our confidence is founded on our core principles of hard work, professionalism and partnering with our clients to deliver awesome experiences.

Perception Management

There is a space in the ever dynamic world of business, marketing and communications where image and perception comfortably owns. As this space continues to widen, amassing increased significance, it will become the yardstick for measuring performance and success.

We employ practical solutions targeted at sending the right messages which guarantees your business is held in good esteem by its audience and stakeholders.

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Strategic Brand Corporate PR & Events Management

Corporate PR is essentially tied to how your brand is perceived by other businesses and key stakeholders. Brooks+Blake packs the necessary expertise and experience in managing stakeholder communications. Be it AGMs, trade shows or exhibitions where you want well thought out plans and activities that brings the right value to your brand, B+B is sure to deliver

At Brooks + Blake, we design customised PR communication plans to meet our clients’ varied objectives while delivering awesome experiences in the process. See cases

Perception Audit

At Brooks + Blake , we consult for our clients by carrying out analytical research using cutting edge research tools and auditing methodologies in line with international best practices to achieve robust insights and unlock business growth.

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Media Relations & Inventory Management

We have developed a strong and effective media relations strategy that aids our synergy with the media. At Brooks+ Blake, we believe that the media is the central vehicle for much of our client’s messages. This knowledge underlies our relationship with journalists, bloggers, content writers and influencers. We ensure a detailed and comprehensive inventory and monitoring of the amplification process.

Issues Management & Mitigation

Our team of seasoned consultants have constantly delivered on repairing, building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders whenever our clients are involved in situations that needs mitigation. Our objective is always to deliver strategies and tactics that position our clients in good stead with their audiences.

Brand Consultancy & Consumer PR

Your brand may be your must cherished entity, but are your customers aware? Brooks+Blake strive to create the connection that sustains your business. To achieve this, we design unique solutions tailored to suit your brand – so it walks its talk.

Digital PR Solution

The web is the new home for all. Your consumers interact on the web. This interaction may include their sentiments about your brand. Using our pool of digital tools and expertise, we monitor, listen, track and manage what’s being said about your brand online.

For us managing your online reputation requires delicate and strategic plans and tactics which minimises or counters online crisis or accentuate positive sentiments.

Technology has put communication in our palms with information at the tip of our fingers.

Entertainment PR & Publicity

The entertainment industry has grown over the years into a sector with unique marketing possibilities. Discerning clients are beginning to identify with the opportunities this sector presents. Brooks+Blake serve as a leading intermediary to bridge the gap in effectively leveraging on entertainment platforms to position clients brands. Movie premieres, promotions and publicity are just a few of the ways we can leverage to capture and engage target consumers with your brand’s propositions.

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